• With a mixture of artistic talent, professional training, and years of experience, faux finish artist Molly O'Mara will recreate the inside of your home or business so that it reflects your personal style.

    Collaborative Vision

    Although many of her satisfied clients reside in Lake Tahoe, Molly’s projects can be seen all over the west. Her success is due in part to her innovative techniques, but also because of her ability to integrate the ideas of others. She loves collaborating with architects, designers and private clients. A visionary and committed artist, Molly can remake any surface in your home or business, recreating and transforming those spaces.

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    Molly's love of nature is apparent in the many ways she utilizes texture and color, creating an organic feel to the surfaces she plaster's or paints. Molly’s unique talent for chameleon-like paintwork will inspire you to believe it’s real. Her commitment to the environment doesn’t end at its imitation; Molly works with sustainable materials, and practices. Her passion for the natural world and her outstanding talent translate into consciously wrought, high-quality results for you.

    Fine Art

    Molly O’Mara infuses her mixed media paintings with beautiful abstract texture and tasteful color. Her work is a testament to her deep love of nature. Molly successfully distills the feelings and colors of the outdoors into bold, abstract paintings which allow the viewer to engage in a cerebral exchange with her art.